Admission Open 2020-21

Hospital and OPD

  • On-campus 100 bed Hospital and OPD. Apart from comprising a full length BCCI Cricket Ground and several other department specific labs, ITM also houses an on-campus Hospital along with OPD services. A qualified Doctor and his/her staff works continuously in ensuring maximum diligence towards the medical safety of students and staff members. Though, after taking several precautionary measures, to control the spread of COVID-19, even if a challenge presents itself out of the blue, the hospital will surely be able to tackle it with ease. That being said, in plight of the mass outbreak of CORONAVIRUS it is crucial to take our personal conduct and hygienic responsibility seriously to prevent it.

Huge Infrastructure

  • Social Distancing is a way to avoid being affected by the recent COVID-19 pandemic. To practice it efficiently in University premises, the institution needs huge classrooms and large scale infrastructure. With top quality infrastructural facility, ITM’s campus is well-equipped to tackle any social distancing guideline. The Classrooms, the laboratories and the dining area, all have huge area which can accommodate a finite number of students siting at least 2 meter apart. This helps in ensuring, that no student comes in direct contact with another student and solves the challenge of social distancing which has to be practiced seriously in order to defeat this menace of COVID-19 from society.

Well-Ventilated Buildings

  • Fresh Air is one of the most important elements of tackling the challenges presented with COVID-19. With ITM University, you can count fresh air in your arsenal, because the campus is located on the outskirts of the noisy city of Gwalior. Also, the different blocks of the University like Leonardo da Vinci block, Mahatma Gandhi Block and KIRLOSKAR block house different academic departments so to ensure that no student comes in direct contact with any outsider. Complimenting this nature, the University’s infrastructure is designed such that, there are ample ventilation pods and windows which makes the atmosphere inside the room airy and disinfectant.

Air Conditioning

  • Air is one of the major carrier of CORONAVIRUS across the world. The virus is known to spread due to the exchange of air we inhale and exhale. To tackle this problem and allow for the intake of fresh air, ITM University’s Air Conditioning units are arranged in such a way that, no two air units are in direct contact with each other. While this improves the conditioning quality of the air, it also enhances its potential immunity against being carrier to any viruses and diseases. An increase in the fresh air flow with proper ventilation in the infrastructure, will surely prove beneficial for the students and faculty members to battle any infection.

Screening at Entry

  • An entry inside the campus of ITM University is now only possible after a full body hygienic check-up with temperature sensors and sanitization by the prescribed sanitizer. After the lockdown guidelines by the government, ITM University entry points have become a sanitization hub to identify and screen out the patients from normal people. This ensures that nobody becomes a carrier of any infection inside the University campus and maintain its hygienic integrity as a top priority. This further ensures a worry free atmosphere for the students to come and focus just on their studies.

Online Fee Submission

  • As all the services offered by ITM University are now being offered online, it is imperative, that the Fee submission is allowed through all the modes and manners of payment. Though, the University already had this facility, but after the COVID-19 outbreak, fee transfer is now allowed through all the possible online channels including UPI, IMPS, NEFT and Online Banking. This ensures flexibility in payments and also encourages active payment participation from all the stake holders.

Online Application

  • Through the facilities available on MIS (Management Information System). Students can apply online for exam forms, Mark sheets, degree certificates, no dues, etc. This reduces human interaction and in turn reduces chances of spreading COVID-19 or any other viral infection. Also, the Students don’t have to stand in any queue to submit forms and applications in front of any office. This greatly improves the situation at hand and also increases the efficiency of the University-student relationship.

Outskirts of the city

  • While the ITM Campus, apart from being beautiful and gigantic, has many highlights to support its existence, being on the outskirts of Gwalior should be the 1st factor in its safety. The campus is surrounded by ecstatic natural fauna which compliments its beauty and provides safety to the residents. The City of Gwalior on the other hand, is known for its crowd and noise pollution. Hence, ITM promises absolute mental peace to study and be in a hygienic atmosphere. Step into a distraction free and healthy surroundings with ITM University.

Daily Sanitisation

  • Sanitization at Public Places inside the University has always been a regular practice. Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, this sanitization is now being practiced with more diligence than ever before. All the public places, like, Classrooms, Seminar halls, auditoriums, gathering places, dining areas etc. are being regularly sanitized with top quality sanitizers and disinfectants. This practice ensures a contact free way to maintain personal hygiene and goes a long way in ensuring extra-ordinary health benefits for students, teachers and staff of ITM University.

Admission Open 2020-21

Learning Management System

  • Being in place for more than 10 years now, the ITM University’s Learning Management System was established to cater for the needs of the students through online services. During the Lockdown days, it has made ITM, the first University in India to conduct proctored online examination for students.Traditionally,it was aimed to provide a medium of communication among the students, parents and the faculty members. This Management system is a robust application which was also designed to enable the students to study, learn and comprehend the classes being taught online. It also helps with the impromptu exchange of Notes between Teachers and students. During the Lockdown period prescribed by the Government of India, ITM University is able to continue training its batches of students and conducting its examinations online just because of the unintended presence of the Learning Management System (LMS).

Avoid Delay in Completion of Degree

  • Due to the lockdown, while educational activities are being questioned, ITM University is not only completing academic activities with its innovation, but has also started conducting examinations to test the students' preparation. The special thing about this exam is that it is not a normal online exam but a 'monitored' online exam, which is like a conventional examination. The student will give a live exam on the screen, which will be completely monitored by the invigilator online.
    The Learning Management system of ITM University is an advanced application which has the ability to conduct proctored Online Examinations for any semester students. This would help them to clear their degrees on time and with confidence. Recently, during the quarantine period, around 400 students of ITM University appeared for proctored online examinations on the Learning Management system.

Trained Faculty

  • The University’s LMS is a state of art software which requires proper maintenance and operation for running and providing its services. With the help of top-notch faculty from various different backgrounds, ITM Learning Management System is handled by Well-trained and experienced staff to maintain its proper functioning. The staff is also trained in online teaching-learning paradigm. This helps students to keep up with the changing trends of the Industry and maintain an above average eligibility for job opportunities.


  • Since its Inception, ITM has produced countless industry leaders and professionals who are contributing immensely to the progress of Human race in the world. These leaders, critical thinkers, scientists, sportspersons and executives of some of the biggest firms provide their incredible services to the upcoming leaders of tomorrow, i.e., the students. Be it in the form of online workshops, Industrial visits or professional skill development courses, ITM facilitates the students with their unique interaction and discussion. These individuals then get a platform to impart their valuable skills and knowledge to the students of ITM University. The recently held ITM’s Future Webinar series is a prime example of the Online Interaction which the students go through to enhance their abilities. In this series, ITM has invited talented professionals from various industries working in different parts of the world to share their skillset and guide students through the competitive world of Placements.


  • Unlike, other Universities, ITM University handles medical cases with much more ease. This is because the University has its own School of Nursing Sciences where students get trained in medical premises. This also calls for professional competency in the medical field which comprises of Doctors, Nurses and other medical staff. With the un-interrupted presence of these people, ITM’s environment remains hygienic and healthy for any student who wishes to complete his/her education at ITM University. While keeping the pandemic at bay outside the lush green atmosphere of ITM, the on-campus medical staff conducts regular workshops, yoga sessions and motivates the students to stay alert and stay safe.

Virtual Class Room / Assessments

  • The teaching staff of ITM University comprises of some of the most thoughtful leaders, industry professionals and eminent scholars of India. They are well-experienced, well-trained and qualified teaching professionals who are masters of their field of study. With ITM, you will get to learn from the best of the best when it comes to academics. The Online Classes, Online ABCA activities and Online exams, everything is conducted under the able guidance and supervision of these professionals. This ensures two major things which prove to be beneficial for the students: The first being, students will not only learn their lessons and application from their mentors but will also idealise them for the person they are. Second: the students will get an entirely different and practical approach to problem solving.

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